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Product Profile Tips

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2013 08:06PM EST

You can change your Product Profile for every document you make.

Keep a separate document handy with info for different profiles so you can quickly copy and paste to your new Profile!


You only need to fill out sections that suit your purposes.

The only  fields that are required are your first and last names. If certain fileds aren't necessary for your document, don't fill them out. If you want to have your name be blank, simply enter a space into the first or last name fileds. If you want to have your email address blank, simply enter in a space in the email field.


You can fill out different info than what is asked.

Be creative! Portions of your Product Profile will apear in different sections of your document so maybe you want something other than your name in the "First Name" field.


Previous projects.

When re-downloading projects directly from your History Tab, the product profile will remain as the original one you created at the time. If you re-open the project, it will switch to tour current Product profile.


See where your Product Profile info will appear on your document.

See this article for info on newsletters and this article for info on your books' inner pages.
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