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Personalize your Report

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2012 12:43PM EDT

Here you can give your report a title, sub title and upload images. Once you're done, click NEXT to go to the next section where you will select the layout of your report's pages.


  • If you are creating a report without a cover, there is no need to upload images.
  • Your Contact Information will appear on the cover of your report unless you have chosen to create a report without a cover. It may also appear in other areas of your report's pages depending on the layout you select in the next section. This information will be saved as your Product Profile under your account's settings so you only need to fill it out once and can edit it at anytime.
  • Your newsletter's Title and Sub Title will appear on the cover of your report as well as areas of your report's pages depending on the layout you choose in the following step. 
  • Upload a Logo, Headshot and Image for your the cover of your report if you like. Images are not required but they will make your report look very nice! Depending on the cover design you selected, these images will appear in different places. Images must be under 2MB in size.
  • You will be able to view a preview of your report before you publish so don't worry you can always hit BACK and adjust your content. 
  • You can also click Go To Step 1 at anytime to change the type of document you are creating. This won't affect images and documents you have uploaded.
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